Feature Film:

To The Stars

Doug played a small town doctor in ‘To The Stars’ with Malin Akerman and Kara Hayward.

The Last Stand

Doug played Harry in ‘The Last Stand’ with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Johnny Knoxville.

Series TV:

Dallas – “Venomous Creatures”

Doug played Bobby Ewing’s family doctor making a house call in this episode of the new series.

Friday Night Lights – “May the Best Man Win”

Doug played a hospital administrator accepting the gift of a rescue helicopter in this episode.

 Corporate Video:

US Steel 2011 Chief Roughneck

Doug is the ‘silent partner’ in this film shown at a corporate meeting.

 TV Commercial:

Kiowa Casino:  “Play Like No One’s Watching”

Doug is one of the players in this commercial – Bald Head as Lucky Charm!

Church Media:

Igniter Media:  “The Thanksgiving Song”

Doug is the head of a dysfunctional family in this amusing and touching video.

 Web-based Marketing:

Snickers: “Leon Lett: The Man who played Literally Hungry”

Doug portrayed Dr. Burns in this comedic “mock-umentary”.


Live Theater:

It’s a Wonderful Life

Doug played Uncle Billy in a fine musical adaptation of the classic film. Here’s the bank scene when Billy brags, maybe a bit too much.

A Christmas Carol

Doug originated the role of Scrooge in this new musical version of the classic Dickens tale.

Dallas Symphony Orchestra Presents “Cheer”

Doug narrated this Christmas extravaganza for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.



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